Most of you know me as Tominator777, but believe it or not, TominatorXX was my 1st Wikia account, I used to work on a wiki called "Mean YouTubers Wiki", and I was A Admin and Bureaucrat there, Some of you might remember the "Pointless info" problem I used to have, some of the admins from Mean YouTubers Wiki were, CartoonFreak666, The founder of the Wiki, he considers himself to be one of the nicest guys on the internet, SonicFanForever, the hardest working admin of the wiki and is like old 120d and a bit like Tanhamman mixed together, except without the blocking fetish, GodzilaFan1, He is A Lot like Road Runner by Personality, he was the one who wanted to remove the bias from Mean YouTubers Wiki, Holynether, He is like the SpongeyTube of the wiki, Mean YouTubers Wiki was a Great wiki, only thing though was the bad users that came like:

  • MrTheDopeLover
  • SoapMacitivish+ and his Sockpuppets
  • 2 users who made 526 Junk pages

Yeah, and SonicFanForever had a global block from wikia, I made most of the pages on that wiki, but that wiki is gone now,, someone else has it now, Now, when I 1st came, I originally planned to be a troll, but scrapped those plans, and I made categories based on what I knew from MrEnter, I also added a picture of the Klasky Cuspo from 1998 on the Wer painters and Krusty Krab Training video pages, I also added a part to the United Plankton pictures page where it talked about the pre-2006 versions of Wet painters and The Krusty Krab Training video with the mistake in the pre-2006 versions of the episodes, And then 120d blocked me and he claimed that "I shouldn't complain because it was just one day" and then SpongeBob456 and Tanhamman talked to him about it,

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