This is another backstory blog, this one is on users that are similar to me from the past:

  • 120d
  1. Some of the things he thought would happen (i.e his argument against the term "good faith edit") have actually happened on Mean YouTubers Wiki.
  2. When I was admin at mean YouTubers Wiki, I had to block a lot of bad users that were stalking the founder, CartoonFreak, just to insult him without warning at that time when it started to get bad.
  3. Both of us were suggested to be demoted, (although, it was for different reasons, For me, It was because of my grammar (I had a problem with abusing "!!!" At that time) for 120d, his hard to agree with way of progress.
  1. Some things I would of said (but I chose not to say) to 120d at that time were similar(although I trust 120d, as unlike most "Admins", he gave good advice).

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