aka Kitty or Jessica

  • I live in Britain
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is going on random wiki chats and not talking
  • I am a permanent jet lag
  • Omgitskittykatty

    This is the first song I released here. So, uh, if you're new to what I do then ask.

    (If I have time, I'll answer it.)

    Jessica Plz - Main singer

    Road and Tominator - Background singers

    I was 

    Walking down the street

    And I saw someone

    He called himself

    Zoogaplex McKenzie Butts!

    He took me to his house

    And gave me a nice dinner

    But then I saw

    But then he saw

    He had a mask

    It was a human mask

    I looked at him

    And he was a...

    Tentacle monster.

    Zoogaplex McKenzie Tentacles!

    "Okay," I said

    Bursting at the top of my lungs

    "What do you want?

    To skin me alive?"

    "No, I wanna eat you for dinner."

    Zoogaplex McKenzie Butts!

    "What the [bleep]

    Is wrong with you?"

    "Nothin'; it's just what mah species do."

    I left.

    So that's the story

    Of Zoogaplex McKenzie

    Who I saw today

    And apologized fo…

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