Rich Sapphire King is an user of Tenkai Knights Wiki. He is easy to influence and dependent and is called a puppy for that. Originally, he was known as Tenkaiknights1234 and vandalized multiple wikis and was globalled for that. He claimed that his brother took his account and vandalized, however there are proofs that this is not true. Later he socked as Braventon 1234 and Rich Sapphire King. Also he impersonated other users creating accounts as Telekinetic wolf97 and Original Hybrid Klaus. However staff hasn't globalled all of his accounts as of now. He is the most loyal friend of TenkaiKnightsUnite29. He holds a very strong and unrequired grudge against MoviezWorldwide. Recently he founded a wiki, which will most likely be a hate wiki about them, due to his aversion: As well he tends to call users nazis for no reason, which got him blocked multiple times.


  • He apparently suffers from mental retardation given his immature behaviour, although he vehemently disputes this.
  • He claims to be seventeen, although he seems to have the mental age of a five-year-old
  • He has bigoted views on the use of power, as he abuses his powers on his rather amateurish wikis a lot and complains when he just gets kicked a few times for fun, even though on larger wikis such as the Bakugan Wiki it is not uncommon to kick users for fun.
  • He was globalled multiple times, sometimes for global ban evasion, sometimes for calling for the suicide of other users and some other things. Most recently he was globalled in November 2017, the exact reason has to be determined yet.

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