22tigerdude is a Famous Reviewer of SpongeBob Episodes He also reviews shows on like MLP:FIM or Fairly Odd Parents


Episodes He Likes

  1. Are You Happy Now? (SpongeBob Episode) (score: 8.5/10)
  2. Planet of The Jellyfish (score:10/10)
  3. Demolition Doofus (score:8/10)
  4. Face Freeze (score:10/10)
  5. Breath of Fresh Squidward (score:10/10)
  6. Overbooked (score:8.5/10)
  7. No Nose Knows (score:9.5/10)
  8. Not Normal (score:9/10)

Episodes he thinks are decent

Episodes he dislike

  1. To Love a Patty (score:4/10)
  2. Stuck in the Wringer (score:5.5/10)
  3. Penny Foolish (score:1/10
  4. Little Yellow Book (score:0/10)


  • His worst episode of Spongebob (Little Yellow Book) appears to be his most reviewed video on YouTube
  • His worst ICarly episode is IMeet Fred (along with many other fans of the show)