This Gallery is dedicated to 120d and his Actions.


120d Against Summer Background -1

Where does it say in the Rules to "Have it Exactly on the Exact day?"

120d Against Summer BackGround -2

Oh Great, Here We Go Again!

120d Bad Grammar -1

What is "Dather's Day"?

120d Anti Spoilers -4

Thank you Captain oblivious, We can see that From 15 miles away!

120d The Hypocrite -1

120d, You Are Such a Huge hypocrite For Saying That!!

What's Stopping You 120d.

What's Stopping You From Blocking Admins, You Blocked SpongeyTube, Tanhamman, and even AMK152!!

Loopa23 hasn't been Under a Rock, 120d.

Loopa23 Called 120d out.


Why are you Supporting 120d? AMK152 I understand, But why 120d?

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