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• 2/20/2017

Demotion of Moviejunkie2009

This is a community discussion for the demotion of Moviejunkie2009, for abusing powers and violating wiki rules.Movie should be stripped of his current  rights. So simply vote yes or no and say why.

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• 8/11/2016

I vote no. Moviejunkie should retain his power. The kicks were meant as a joke and powers were given temporary. Also I heard that in the past on this wiki a lot of users were jokingly kicked and promoted permanently for no reason, so why demoting Moviejunkie for that. There were even blocks for no reason and nevertheless nobody was stripped of his rights. Also Movie told me last night, that he mostly forgot the rules, as this wiki is mostly inactive anyway. Demotions shouldn't happen on a whim, in particular not on the whim of rather dubious users like Rich. A demotion in this case is too harsh and inappropriate to the situation and is likely to cause more trouble than solve it.

• 8/11/2016

I also vote against Moviejunkie's demotion. There is no point in demoting him. Also Rich is a troublemaker who is globalled with his account as Tenkaiknights1234 and shouldn't be allowed on Wikia anyway. As well, Rich, I saw that you removed the text on your profile on Deviantart which revealed that you once caused trouble as Tenkaiknights1234, like you also deleted the page about your real-life origin on a wiki. Nobody should listen to Rich. Also staff will like the following link, as it is another proof that Rich caused trouble as Tenkaiknights1234 and also socked as Braventon 1234, who is now globalled as well: