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• 10/7/2014

Proposal: Request system

Hi  everyone,

A couple users have noticed some confusion over how voting on admin and bcrat requests works. I noticed that there is not writen word as to of how this works!

So here's the proposal:

We use a system simmaler to that of several other wikis including ESB

"Users will express their vote with either Download (8) Support, Neutral Neutral, or Download (9) Oppose along with a short sentance explaining their choice.

In order for a request to pass, 75% of all votes must be support. "

With this system even if only four or less people are active, we get a fair vote. Since this wiki is fairly small I think this system would be perfect. We can adjust the "75%"  number down or up if need be.

Leave a coment below.

use  {{Support}}, {{Neutral}}, or {{Oppose}}

This will apply to both admin and bcrat requests.

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• 10/5/2014

Download (8) Support This would be perfect. A tried and true system that has proven effective even on some of the largest wikis.

• 10/7/2014

Okay, since it's pretty clear what's wanted I'm going to pass this. (100% support, all bcrats in support)